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The Sadness Will Never End.

Joey pulled Wednesday into his arms, "I won't give up on you."

Wednesday sniffed and held onto Joey; more tears slipping from his eyes, he nearly killed himself, the knife lay forgotten on Joey's kitchen floor, "T-thank you." He just sobbed again.

Joey pulled away a little, "You're like a waterfall." He smiled softly and moved his hands up to Wednesday's cheeks, he slowly wiped away the vocalist's tears with his thumbs.

Wednesday chuckled; his heart skipped a little at that movement but he wouldn't give it away...He couldn't; Joey didn't need to know why Wednesday was getting a divorce, he didn't need to know it was the singer's fault for wanting the smaller-man so much that even his wife saw it and she left him. Wednesday couldn't be happy, he did love Roxanne, Joey was just too irresistible and Wednesday couldn't have him anyway: he was straight, right? He was his best-friend.

"Joseph." Joey moved his hand and clicked his finger's in front of Wednesday's eyes - The singer reacted quickly and moved: one hand capturing Joey's wrist while the other stayed hooked around Joey's body; he pulled the guitarist closer, leaned down and joined their lips. Joey was a little shocked by the movement but he couldn't let Wednesday pull away so he pushed his lips to the singer's.

Joseph was shocked this time but he just pulled Joey closer and lightly licked the guitarist's bottom lip; Joey opened his lips for Wednesday and the singer delved his tongue into Joey's mouth - Joey met Wednesday's tongue with his own and they entwined together.

Nathan pulled away first: he needed to breathe, "Joseph. Wh-what did we..."

"I think I kissed you, then you kissed back so we made out. Just a little." Joseph replied and let go of Joey's wrist; he moved his arm back around Joey's body.

"Right, and..." Joey rose an eyebrow.

"We liked it," Joseph nodded, "At least I did. I'd do it again."

"But...You're not..."

"I love you Nathan."

Joey wrapped his arms around Wednesday's neck, "I love you too Joseph. Y-you don't know how much I've wanted this."

"I've wanted it for a while too," Wednesday smiled, "Heck, even Roxanne noticed."

"Is that why she left?"

"Yeah," Wednesday smiled more, "You make me so happy Joey."

"You make me really happy too Joseph." Joey smiled brightly and the two hugged close together.
Follow up from #1 on my Murderdolls Meme. :B I know it's only short ><;
For ~Sevin-Seze :heart:
Disclaimer: ©Title to Bring Me The Horizon.©
©Murderdolls members to themselves.©
©Story line and idea to me.©


[Words: 406.]

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