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Blue Eyes.

Wednesday couldn't take it anymore; he wanted to end it all; those icy-blue eyes haunted him. The man laying beside him didn't help, he had a weakness for Joey's blue-eyes and he missed the small guitarist - He looked to the man beside him when he felt movement, "Morning."

"Mornin'." Wednesday watched as his boyfriend sat up.

"You look distant," He reached out and gently stroked Wednesday's cheek, "Something wrong?"

"No," Wednesday smiled, turned his head a little and kissed his boyfriends hand, "I was just remembering someone."

"Ah right," He smiled too and pulled the singer into a hug, "I'm right here if you want to talk."

Wednesday returned the hug, "I know, thank you."

"It's okay, I love you Joseph."

"I lo-" Wednesday got cut off by his phone ringing - the two pulled out of their embrace and Wednesday grabbed his cell phone, he opened the device and without checking the caller ID, accepted the call and put the phone to his ear, "Hello?" He clambered out of the covers and sat on the edge of his bed; he furrowed his eyebrows when there was no answer, "Who is this?"


"Just a minute Racci," The singer stood up and walked out of the room, "If you don't ans-"

"You should check your caller ID...I've told you this before."

Wednesday froze, "I-I..."

"I know you don't learn your lesson," The other chuckled, "Why are you at Racci's? I mean, I heard you got a new boyfriend but I didn't think it would be him."

"What is this about?"

"I love you too Joseph," Wednesday bit the inside of his lip at that, "I'm sorry...For walking out after you said that to me. I'm stupid and...Do you love him?"

"No," Wednesday shook his head, "I still...I still love you Nathan."

"Good," Nathan smiled, "Well, since it's early and I know what your like...Why don't you get your ass dressed and come over? Then I can say it to your face."

Wednesday grinned and went back into his bedroom, "I'll see you soon blue-eyes."

"I know you will. Take care my dark angel."

The two hung up at the same time and Wednesday threw his phone on the bed then got dressed - he walked over to the bed and pulled Racci into a hug, "Sorry. I can't do this anymore, will you forgive me?"

"I couldn't hate you Wednesday, just be happy."

Wednesday smiled again, "I will, you'll find someone good to you." He pulled away and grabbed his phone.



"Good luck."

"Thanks." Wednesday smiled more and left without another word to the drummer - When he reached Joey's house he was surprised to see the small-man stood in only his...Underwear.

"Hey," Joey moved aside and Wednesday walked into the house; the guitarist shut and locked his front door, "It's nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you too." Wednesday smiled.

Joey brought Wednesday into a hug that the singer gladly returned, "I love you Joseph."

"And, I love you Nathan." The two just hugged close together, happy in each others arms.
Follow up from #3 on my Murderdolls Meme. :B
For ~Sevin-Seze :heart:
Disclaimer: ©Title to Michael "MIKA" Penniman.©
©Murderdolls members to themselves.©
©Story line and idea to me.©


[Words: 526.]

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