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September 24, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Warnings: Nudity; Sexual Themes.
The Temptress.

Wednesday bit his bottom lip; Joey was across the room, a lollipop in his mouth, those plump black-lipsticked lips moved every so often. The guitarist was too busy writing music in his much-loved notebook to realize that Wednesday was staring at him. The vocalist growled softly, he watched as Joey wiggled into the couch some more, to be more comfortable; he couldn't stand this torture much longer, his pants and boxers were tightening around him, he knew if Joey looked up the guitarist would probably spot the singer's growing erection.

Joey rose an eyebrow when he heard a soft noise coming from the singers direction: he mentally shook it off, he heard the noise again and looked up - his jaw almost dropped when he saw the bulge in Wednesday's pants, the singer was looking away and clearly trying to think of something else; the guitarist dropped his note book beside him then got up and walked across the room - he took the lollipop out of his mouth: making an audible pop as it left his lips, "Wednesday, are you okay there?"

"Yeah." Wednesday didn't bother looking at Joey: he couldn't look at Joey.

Joey finished his lollipop then went and put the stick in the garbage bin; he walked back over to Wednesday and sat on the floor, "You're hard."

"Am I?"

Joey grinned, "Very," He rested his head in Wednesday's lap, "I'm wondering...What were you thinking about?"

Wednesday couldn't help the blush that rose to his cheeks; he looked to Joey and took a shaky-breath, "Nothing."

"Hmm, really?" Joey traced little patterns on Wednesday's thigh.

The singer bit the inside of his lip and tried to clear his mind of the dirty thoughts he was having, "I...I can't do anything about it with you here!"

"That didn't answer my question~" Joey continued his movements; also slowly moving his finger closer to Wednesday's manhood then away from it.

Wednesday swallowed his pride, "I was thinking about you! In a sexual way..." He sighed.

Joey smirked, "So what? You want me to fix it."

The singer rose an eyebrow at that: it was a statement not a question, "W-What?"

The guitarist brushed his hand over Wednesday's erection and the singer let out a shaky-moan at the contact, "You want me to suck you off," Joey smirked more, "Right here."

"I-I don't!"

"That's a lie," Joey unfastened Wednesday's pants, "Stop me," He lightly rubbed the singer's erection through his black-boxers, "You want my mouth around you."

Wednesday closed his eyes and another moan left his lips, "Y-Yes! I do Joey. Please~" The singer couldn't believe what just left his lips but Joey just chuckled and wasted no time in getting Wednesday's cock free; the guitarist delved forward and flicked his tongue over the slit then brought the crown into his mouth and sucked gently, "J-Joey~" Wednesday let out a louder moan and gripped onto the sofa to stop himself from bucking his hips.

Joey seemed to sense what Wednesday wanted and sucked down the entire length: Wednesday groaned softly at the sudden wet-heat that surrounded his throbbing cock; Joey began sucking from base to tip and as he moved he trailed his tongue along the underside of Wednesday's manhood.

Wednesday's groans got louder as Joey worked away at his length: sucking, licking and sometimes nibbling at the sensative flesh - Wednesday tangled his fingers into Joey's hair as the guitarist brought him closer to release, "Ugh, Nathan~"

Joey was shocked to hear his name but he just quickened his movements causing the singer to tighten his grip and groan loudly - Joey pulled back away and lapped up Wednesday's pre-cum; when he descended again he lightly dragged his teeth along the length.

Wednesday pried his eyes open and he watched as Joey's head bobbed while he sucked; he knew he couldn't hold on much longer and he could feel his lower belly coiling as his climax approached, "Fuck, Nath~ I-I'm gonna cum."

The guitarist just kept up his movements and Wednesday let out a almost-scream as his orgasm racked his body; Joey opened his throat and swallowed down the salty-liquid: once everything was gone and he was sure that Wednesday was milked dry, he pulled away and licked his lips.

Wednesday panted softly and fixed his clothing, "T-that was awesome~"

Joey smiled and stood up, "I'm glad you enjoyed it," He began to walk away but Wednesday grabbed his wrist and stopped him from going, "What?" He turned to the singer.

Wednesday pulled Joey closer, "Sit here," Joey nodded and sat beside Wednesday, "No, here," Wednesday rolled his eyes then patted his lap; Joey looked curiously at Wednesday but moved onto the younger-man's lap, "You know how perfect you are, right?"

"No-one is perfect."

"Screw that, you are," Wednesday smiled, "I don't want you to think that I just used you. I know you're not a slut," He shook his head, "Anyway...I love you Nathan, always have."

Joey blushed bright red, "W-well, you're perfect too," He had to swallow, "A-and...I love you too Joseph."

Wednesday smiled and kissed Joey's cheek, "I'd kiss your lips but..."

Joey giggled, "Yeah, yeah." He kissed Wednesday's head then rested his head on Wednesday's shoulder; the singer smiled and wrapped his arms around the guitarist: Joey closed his eyes and sighed happily.

"Don't go to sleep there." Wednesday chuckled.

"I won't," Joey smiled, "I'm just, being happy."

"That's good," Wednesday smiled brightly and sat back so that he was supported by the couch, "That's really good~"
Follow up from #6 on my Murderdolls Meme. :B
For ~Sevin-Seze :heart:
Warnings: Nudity; Sexual Themes.
Disclaimer: ©Title to Alesana.©
©Murderdolls members to themselves.©
©Story line and idea to me.©


[Words: 936.]

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