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September 26, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Warnings: Mentions of Violence; Nudity; Strong Language.

Wednesday sighed as he washed Joey clean, "You have to watch yourself more, or you'll get really hurt."

Joey winced as Wednesday cleaned him, "I'm sorry."

Wednesday chuckled, "Don't apologize - Honestly Joey...How do you do this to yourself?" He sighed heavily; the marks didn't look self-inflicted but they didn't look accidental either and the vocalist was getting really worried.

"It's not me," Joey shook his head, "It's Corey."


"Y'know how he can be with his drink," Joey shook his head, "I'm the smallest, the weakest and I wouldn't do anything to stop that. He knows it, he takes advantage of it," He sighed, "He hits me: punches, kicks. Whatever he can land..."

"I'm so sorry Joey," Wednesday rubbed a hand over the drummers face, "I want to help you. Why don't you come and stay with me? I want to take care of you."

"What about Mokie?"

Wednesday chuckled, "Of course you can bring him. And Joey, promise me that, for now: until that bastard can control his drink. That you will stay the fuck away from him."

"Wednesday, I'm in the same band as him," Joey sighed, "That'll be hard."

"We'll tell one of them, Jim or Mick," Wednesday smiled, "And, I'll come along. Make sure I'm around you all the time, so he can't hurt you anymore."

"Jim or Mick?"

"Yeah, they're big enough to stand up to Corey, if I'm ever not around, they'll protect you," Wednesday smiled more, "I can tell."

"Alright!" Joey smiled brightly.

"Now, are you gonna get the fuck outta my bath or will I have to join you?"

Joey shook his head and turned in the water, "You'll have to get in."

Wednesday chuckled and stripped then got into the bath, "Oh, I see why~ I made a good bath."

"It's perfect." Joey mumbled.

"Don't fall asleep in here."

Joey sat up and looked to Wednesday, "I'm fine."

Wednesday rose an eyebrow, "You sure?"

"Yeah." Joey nodded and decided to get out.

"Where are you going?"

"Get dressed, cover this...Shit sight up," Joey sighed, "You should not have to see this."

Wednesday rolled his eyes and got out of the bath; he walked over to Joey and carefully placed a hand on the guitarist's shoulder, "What shit? All I see is Joey Jordison," He mentally swallowed, "And the last time I checked, he was pretty much perfect."

Joey gasped and looked to Wednesday, "W-what?"

"I know you heard me," Wednesday leaned down and connected their lips - Joey felt his entire body spark and he eagerly kissed the singer back; Wednesday enjoyed the feeling but pulled away a little, "Will you be mine?"

"Fuck yeah," Joey smiled and had to hold himself back from jumping onto the singer: remembering that they were both naked, "We should get some clothes on."

"Yup~" Wednesday pulled away and the two quickly got dried then dressed; they headed into the singer's bedroom and snuggled up on his bed, "I'll definitely have to go with you now."


"Gotta spend some time with my new boyfriend."

Joey giggled, "That sounds awesome."

"Good~" Wednesday smiled brightly and the two closed their eyes: almost instantly falling into dream-land.
Follow up from #7 on my Murderdolls Meme. :B
For ~Sevin-Seze :heart:
Warnings: Mentions of Violence; Nudity; Strong Language.
Disclaimer: ©Title to You Me At Six.©
©Murderdolls members to themselves.©
©Story line and idea to me.©


[Words: 534.]

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(8) Gematria (The Killing Name)
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