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It was almost over, Ciel knew it, he had adapted well to his demon life, with help from Sebastian, but now it was over. Ciel simply didn't need him any more, they weren't needed any more, everything was going fine without them. Police officers had gotten better, technology improved and the right people were tried and convicted for their crimes.

Ciel had a plan to just live in the country, people would notice that he didn't age a day. He still looked like a thirteen year old boy when he was over a century old, then it was the same for Sebastian, he appeared to be in his twenties when he was much more older than Ciel. The younger had to wonder what Sebastian would do now, he wasn't needed either, he would have to go and collect someone, so he could have their soul.

It had been a long time since the older-demon ate; Ciel didn't know what it was like, but he knew what to do and he knew he wanted it, the hunger was there. He didn't want to lose Sebastian though, they had been together for so long and to just let go...

Ceil couldn't even bear the thought of it, let alone if it actually happened...He would be so lost. He needed Sebastian more than he would ever admit, "Young master," Ciel turned his head, wondering what Sebastian wanted at this time, "We have one last job to do."

"What is it?"

"Scotland Yard needs help with some recent killings, they think they are linked but each time the killer adds something or changes something, they're not sure if it's the same person or multiple people committing the crimes."

"I understand. Make the arrangements, we're taking this one."

"Of course." Sebastian bowed and left. Ciel sat back in his chair and sighed softly; everything had changed. Everyone he knew was gone. Everyone but Sebastian...And Grell but he wasn't such a nuisance any more. Ciel knew that Sebastian only stayed because he needed training and they were still happy to help, but now, with everything around them evolving...They were stuck, they were like shadows in the night: completely unnoticeable, they always moved around to prevent suspicion.

But this was the end. Sebastian seemed to know that too, the way he said 'one last job', it just didn't feel right to Ceil. He knew he would miss Sebastian, this was his last chance to say something...To confess the feelings he had hidden deep within him for over a hundred years.

He rose from his seat and left the room, knowing he needed to get ready for their trip. That was one thing he really missed, now he could care for himself, Sebastian never did anything but help with the rare cases they got; it hurt Ciel to know that he didn't need Sebastian for much since his training ended a few months ago.

* * *

Once at Scotland Yard, they were given all the details they needed and set off, going separate ways so they covered more ground. That was another thing he hated and missed, most of the time, Sebastian had left him to do investigating, but even though Ciel could keep up, he still couldn't stay with the older-man, it was better if they split up.

He just wanted to stay close to Sebastian, especially now with their time together decreasing; he didn't want it to end, he didn't want to say goodbye. Ciel thought about it more, still paying attention to his work, he got done quicker than he had expected then headed straight to the hotel.

He went straight to his room and sorted through his information, still thinking about what goodbye meant and what it might be like, if he didn't have the courage to tell Sebastian, or even show him, how he felt. How he'd felt for such a long time. He knew he was in love and it confused him a little, then he was still a really young demon, he could remember a lot from when he was human.

Sebastian was never like that, he was born and raised in the underworld, he didn't understand human feelings, not the way Ciel did. That's what hurt the younger the most, even if he told Sebastian, his feelings would, no, they could never be returned.

Ciel closed his eyes and let himself slip away in his thoughts. Wishing he had confidence, not to say something about his feelings, but to say goodbye; he knew he didn't have a choice, he had to let Sebastian go, there was no other option, nothing really holding them together anymore, everything had been stripped away by Hanna and Alois.

Sebastian was finally done with his own investigating, he slipped into the hotel room and paused when he noticed Ciel, wondering if the younger had somehow fallen asleep being sat up; it seemed like he had a lot of information and Sebastian knew that Ciel still got tired easily, but then he was still young.

He held in a sigh and placed his own things with Ciel's, he then gently lifted the boy up, realizing that Ciel was indeed lost in the blissful unaware. He walked over to the bed and pulled away the covers then laid Ciel down; he swiftly and carefully got Ciel out of his clothes.

Staring for a moment, he had to wonder how Ciel had done the impossible, broken completely passed his defenses and made him feel somewhat human. Sebastian shook off his foolish thoughts and tucked Ciel in, resisting the urge to kiss his forehead, he settled for brushing the boy's hair back a little, removing the eye-patch easily then putting it on the night stand.

He walked over to the desk and sat down, deciding to go through the material while Ciel slept, and to try get rid of his idiotic thoughts. He didn't understand it at all though, he knew what love was, someone had explained it to him once, but Sebastian never expected to feel it, he was a demon who used people so he could feed.

Somehow, Ciel had completely stomped all over that; even when Sebastian was in that desperate need, he didn't really want to kill Ciel, but he didn't have a choice, he needed his soul and that's all it was at first. Once Sebastian had claimed Ciel's soul back, he was happy to have the boy back to his normal self, even if it took a little while for the memories to return, he was walking around and talking...Sebastian didn't want that to be taken away again, he definitely did not want to be the person to do it.

That's why he had saved Ciel, and turned him into a demon, because he couldn't lose him. Sebastian knew what love was, and he hated the fact that he felt it for Ciel, for a boy he was meant to have killed a long time again. Knowing that their time was drawing to a close he didn't want it to happen at all, he wouldn't be able to say goodbye, not to Ciel.

Sebastian sighed, giving up with trying to work and just letting himself be immersed with his thoughts of Ciel; how the younger was so matured despite his physical age, even when Sebastian first met Ciel, he knew the boy's mental age was passed his physical age. And that was all down to what happened to him. The older-demon hated knowing about it all, especially now, he wished he had been there to help Ciel, but then thinking about what the boy might be like if that hadn't happened, it put Sebastian off.

He sighed again and hung his head, he was thinking too much about the younger demon and about how close they were. He couldn't stop the fact that it was at the end, Ciel didn't need him and even if he hated to admit it...Sebastian didn't need Ciel. This was their last ride together and Sebastian hated that it was almost time for a goodbye.

Sebastian knew, deep down, that it would be hard for him to go through with it; to just up and leave Ciel, but then, Sebastian knew that he wasn't vulnerable anymore, he could help himself, protect himself and feed himself...Sebastian still didn't want to leave, he felt like he owed Ciel something, after all, Ciel still suffered after becoming a demon, he knew he hadn't been easy on him, but it wasn't Sebastian's place to go easy, he knew others wouldn't.

"Sebastian...?" The older demon blinked and rose from the seat, he walked to the bed's and smiled down at Ciel, "Did you find him?"

"Yes. I will tell the yard in the morning."

"Then it will be goodbye."

"Yes my lord. There is nothing left for us to do."

Ciel sat up, "I have a request...One final order for you."

"Anything my lord."

"Kiss me." He actually made it sound like an order, and not like he wanted Sebastian to kiss him; which he did, but this was his last chance to get something from Sebastian. From anybody, he wouldn't be able to make the connection.

"Yes, young master," Sebastian bowed then easily leaned over and pressed his lips to Ciel's; they we both cold, but when they met, it was as if a volcano went off between them. Both their bodies sparked with mutual adoration, Ciel couldn't help but push his lips closer to Sebastian's he wanted to feel more, he wanted to feel everything from the older-demon, what he had just wasn't enough and there was no-way that he would say goodbye, not now, not in the morning. Not ever.

The taller kept their lips together, his hands subconsciously cupping Ciel's cheeks; their lips moving perfectly, Sebastian's tongue darted out and he gently licked Ciel's bottom lip: needing to taste him. Ciel happily opened his mouth for Sebastian, the man's tongue slid inside, his eyes closed as the anatomy explored every depth.

He soon pushed back, wanting to have a taste of Sebastian, the older happily withdrew his tongue and Ciel's soon slipped into his mouth, nervously roaming around the space, dipping into each nook and cranny. Sebastian fought back a little, pressing his own tongue to Ciel's, they soon twisted together and rubbed against each other, completely ignoring how their lungs burned for oxygen and how their minds blurred over.

Ciel reluctantly broke the kiss and gasped for breath, his eyes opening and staring into Sebastian's; the older nodded lightly and pulled away, "You are right, it will be goodbye in the morning."

The younger furrowed his eyebrows and kneeled on the bed, "No. Not after that, Sebastian...Did you feel nothing?"

"I am a demon. You used to be human."

"You're lying! You can't leave me, I forbid it!"

"Now is not the time to act like a child!"

"I love you!" Ciel gasped and covered his mouth, he sat back, tears stinging his eyes as he thought about just how worthless he was to his butler; that's all Sebastian was, all he ever would be and Ciel could never have anything more, it would all end in the morning, once Scotland yard had been given their findings.

Sebastian broke when he saw how upset Ciel was, he was still really a child, a child who had been stripped of everything he knew and loved; now Sebastian was going too. No, he wouldn't let that happen, he wasn't going to lose Ciel again. He walked closer and hugged the younger demon, keeping him in his arms and just letting him cry out his feelings, "I don't know how...I'm the same and I can't lose you Ciel. I'm so sorry."

"D-don't apologize..." Ciel sniffled, Sebastian pulled away a little and dried up his tears, "If you love me, don't leave me."

"I'm not going anywhere," Sebastian smiled, it wasn't fake or sinister as it usually would be, it was a genuine smile and that made Ciel's insides flutter, "I promise, I'm going to be with you, until the end."

"Thank you Sebastian," Ciel smiled too, his only honest smile after years and years of faking, Sebastian could tell too and that made him feel happy, "I'm still tired...Will you stay in bed with me tonight?"

"Yes." Sebastian nodded, the younger pulled away fully and then Sebastian got into bed with Ciel; they both laid down, Ciel pulled the covers over them and they cuddled together. Not caring about anything and just ready to rest, their eyes closed and they slowly slipped off into sleep.
Wrote this up really quickly. To make up for it being nearly a year since I updated my chapter story *cough*

Disclaimer: ©Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis to Yana Toboso/Square-Enix.©
©Title to Olly Murs.©
©Story line and idea to me.©


[Words: 2,109.]

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