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August 28, 2012


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Tue Aug 28, 2012, 2:01 PM
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:heart: blessmeatsix <3

:iconeditplz: Asdfghjkl! I SWEAR I LOVE YOU blessmeatsix She updated the paragraph :cries:: *chee-wee
What can I say? You make me feel like the greatest writer in the world when you comment on my stories and favourite them! You're so incredibly nice to me, and just... sometimes I can't help but think, "What did I do to deserve this girl's adoration for my work, and kindness toward me as a person?" It really makes me so happy to know that you get so much joy out of what I do. I'm slowly trying to make my way through your gallery, and I need to say: you are an amazing writer, and honestly, I think you're a lot better than I am. Yet, you still say the kindest things about my writing that I've ever heard in my life. When I see comments from you in my inbox, I always smile - because you aren't the type of person to say something like, 'This is really good!' You always give me unique comments about what you thought - and they make me so happy. Thank you, for everything. (You guys, she's so totally awesome. Please, show her love.) ♥


+ You still are the greatest writer in the world, you're pretty wicked awesome too! :love:

So uh...

Corey, Meet Zacky... Pt. 1Chapter One
Zachary Baker sat down on the wall outside his high school. School had ended a half hour before, but he didn't feel like going home. Not today. Today, he wanted to stay as far away from "home" as possible. It was no longer his home, and no where else would ever be his real home.
His dad got a new job in Iowa. Yes, Iowa, specifically Des Moines. This meant that he, his mother, his brother and sister would have to move there. Zacky didn't want to move from Huntington Beach, where he'd grown up his entire life, out to Iowa, a strange state he'd never really even cared about. All his friends were in California and he knew no one out in Iowa.
"You'll make new friends," his mom said while packing boxes the previous morning. "And I'm sure your old friends can write, call and text you. Maybe they can come visit this summer."
That just made Zacky even more upset. He didn't want to go to Iowa in the first place and leave his friends behind, never mind have them visit him at his new h
Don't Give Up On Me [Fransykes]I stared at him as he took the stage, smirking out at the audience. I felt my stomach churn dangerously, I hoped he wouldn't see me. I ducked my head down, and tried to keep my eyes averted from his roaming gaze. Even with all the people in the crowded area, I could feel someone's eyes lock on me, and I tensed. I glanced up, and sure enough, he was looking at me, the smirk wiped off of his face. I bit my lip, and wrung my hands nervously. He slowly turned his attention back to the crowd, and I couldn't help but stare at his back from the place where I was standing backstage. He began to announce the song they were about to play. "This first song we're going to play," he said, the guitars starting up behind him, "is called The Sadness Will Never End. I... er, I wrote it a while ago, about... about a person I really loved. I fucked up our relationship pretty bad, I guess. And I realized what I'd done, and I was miserable about it. I couldn't even tell them what was going on, becau This Last Day, All Or NothingThis Last Day, All or Nothing - Synacky
Have you ever noticed the way a person looks at you? How each person looks at you differently? It's actually quite amazing, when you think about it. Right now, there's a girl staring at me and Brian. Her eyes are wide and bright, shinning with lust for one of us. But she sees us lock hands and all that lust melts away. It's replaced with a look of envy toward Brian, although he doesn't see. She looks at me and smiles shyly. I can tell what she's thinking. She's thinking of the two boys in front of her, holding hands and wondering. Wondering if it's a joke; wondering if we are really together or if one of us is blind; wondering if we really are in love. And the answer to that is yes, we really are in love. But it wasn't always that way…
I stood in the hallway at my locker on Monday morning, just staring down at my shoes. I'd been depressed for a long time and hadn't wanted to come to school that morning. My mom insisted, though. Said i
Zacky's List -Unfinished-Zacky's List – Synacky
The second Brian woke up on Friday morning he reached his hand out and groped his sheets to find his television remote. Every morning he watched the news before school, while he was getting ready. He liked to be well-informed about what was going on in the world. He kept feeling around on is sheets for the remote until he finally felt it. He picked it up and clicked the power button as he pointed t at the television. The television turned on, the images of some paid programming show fading in. Brian sat up and put on channel twenty-five to watch the news. Or at least listen to it as he dressed.
He stood up and stretched before walking over to his closet. He was listening closely as the reporter said something about a boy his age who had some kind of cancer. He stopped what he was doing and looked at the twenty-four inch flat screen on his dresser. There on the screen was a young female reporter who was sitting on a couch in someone's home, talking to a thin
Zacky, Watching Over Us - A7XZacky, Watching Over US – Avenged Sevenfold
"You don't control me, Brian." Zacky looked at his boyfriend. Brian stared back hard. "No matter how many times you tell yourself you can, you can't." His voice was low, stinging venom.
"You know that I don't do what I do on purpose. I don't mean it." Brian stared at his shoes, defeated. Zacky stared at him, his eyes seeming to burn holes through his body. He didn't like that feeling; he felt like Zacky was looking at his soul; weighing his heart against a feather.
Zacky shook his head. "If you don't mean it, then why do you do it? I've had enough of it. You make me feel awful about myself in so many ways. You were right the other night. Avenged Sevenfold would be better without me. So I'm going. You and the guys won't have to deal with me another day."
"I love you, Zacky! Don't go…please…"
"It's my life. I'm doing what's right for me."
And with one last hard look at Brian, Zacky walked out of the house, out of Brian's life
Remembering Sunday - JalexI lay awake, staring at the ceiling. I don't know how long I'd been laying there, but it had to have been a few hours, at least. And that's when I decide: I can't take it anymore. I jump up, grabbing my shirt from where I'd dropped it on the floor. I run to the closet, and rip a pair of basketball shorts from a hanger, pulling them on as fast as I can, not caring whether they're on straight or not. I run to the door of the bedroom and yank it open. I hesitate, looking back at the bed. My eyes focus on the made-up side. It's untouched, the body that's usually there is gone, and tears sting my eyes. I turn and fly down the stairs, pulling on my shoes once I reach the front door. I snatch my hooded shirt from the hook beside the door and pull it over my head, flicking the hood up as I do so. I feel in the pocket for my keys, and they're there, as always. I glance into the living room at the digital, and note the time as I walk out into the night. Two in the morning.
The soles of my shoes
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) - JalexAlex looked at Jack, his eyes half lidded, heavy. He wanted nothing more than to just go to sleep, his mind and body both too wary to even function properly. He was barely registering Jack in front of him, his form blurring at the edges. He sighed, and moved to stand next to him, resting his head on his shoulder when he was close enough. "Jack," he mumbled, his eyes drifting shut. "Bring me home." It wasn't so much a request as it was a command. He heard Jack sigh softly, then felt his arm cup around his waist. Alex could already feel himself slipping, and he wanted to slip. He wanted to sleep and dream, wanted to be curled up under his blankets at home, hugging his pillows.
"C'mon, Alex," Jack said, his voice barely above a whisper. He held his shorter friend tightly to his body, and walked with him to his car. He opened the back seat, and gently helped Alex in, carefully laying him down across the seat. He reached down, picking up the blanket he kept behind the driver's seat for mome
Bruised and Scarred: One [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part One [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
His head was angled down, and he was staring into a notebook. He was sitting in the stands with a group of his friends, who were all talking animatedly around him. His long black hair hung in his face, but he moved it aside and began chewing on the end of his pen. One of his friends, a boy with ginger hair, poked him, and pointed at me. The boy with the black hair looked up, our gazes catching. I watched as a flush crept up his pale neck, up into his cheeks. I had to admit, it was pretty cute. But he quickly ducked his head down again, and began scribbling furiously in the notebook. I wondered why he was here, if he wasn't going to watch the game. Then I remembered, his best friend Justin was on the baseball team. As a matter of fact, he was up to bat now.
I let my eyes wander from that boy over to Justin as he stepped up to the plate. He spread his legs, and twirled the bat a bit before taking his stance.
Bruised and Scarred: Three [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Three [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
Kellin. His name was Kellin. As I was walking away, I couldn't help but smile just thinking about him. But my smile faded fast, as I remembered the way Justin had wrapped his arm around Kellin's shoulder. All the way back to the locker room, I couldn't help but think about how natural that movement had been. It had looked like his arm belonged around Kellin's shoulders. It made my head ache, just thinking about it. But I didn't want to dwell on it - I had to get home and shower. Justin was having a party, kind of a mix of celebrating the fact that we won the game, and the fact that his parents were out of town for the weekend.
When I stepped into the locker room, I walked over to where my stuff was piled and gathered it up. I tossed everything that I needed to into my backpack, then sat down to take off my kleets and put my sneakers back on. Once I did, I headed out, keeping my head down unt
Bruised and Scarred: Five [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Five [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
Before I even realized it, Rian had pulled up in front of my house. I had been too busy thinking of Kellin, smiling at me, then blushing when Justin started talking to him. "Go get ready," he said. "I'm going to go over to mine and change. Call me when you're ready and we'll go pick up the guys." I nodded, reaching into the back to grab my stuff. Once my fingers wrapped around the strap on my backpack, I hopped out of the car and walked up to the front door. Once inside, I ran up the stairs to my room and tossed my bag to the ground and went to my closet, grabbing anything that looked comfortable. I walked to my dresser and picked up my hair brush before walking downstairs to the bathroom. The house was far too quiet. I sighed. I didn't like when I was alone in the house. Not after all that had happened last year with Thomas. Thinking about this, and with the thought of Justin and Kellin, didn't do any jus
Bruised and Scarred: Seven [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Seven [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
He stuttered as he said hi to me. He was biting down on his lip, and I smiled at him. He was blushing furiously, trying to avoid eye contact. I laughed a little, and reached forward, tilting his chin up so that he could look at me. "Hey," I said softly - well, as softly as I could, while still being heard over the music and people talking. His cheeks darkened, and I could tell he was trying not to smile. "Don't be so shy around me." I took a step closer to him, and his large eyes flicked across my face. I dropped my hand from under his chin when I felt he'd stay looking at me. "Er... I kind of want to talk to you. D'you think we could go outside or something? Somewhere more quiet..." I trailed off, and watched him, noting how amazing he looked. It seemed to take him a minute to register what I'd said, but then he nodded.
"F-Follow me," he said, ducking his head down. I reached out, and grabbed his hand so
Bruised and Scarred: Nine [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Seven [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I can't express how much relief flooded through my body when Kellin said he and Justin weren't dating. It felt like a weight lifted off my heart. Now, I felt like I had a chance. If he wanted to give me one. I smiled at him brightly, "Uh... well, do you have a phone? If we're going to hang out, we kind of need a way to contact each other." He nodded, pulling  out his cellular device. I did the same, and we traded, punching in our contact information. Once we did so, we traded phones back, our fingers brushing. I watched as he blushed, and couldn't help but make a comment on it. "You blush a lot," I said, laughing as his cheeks darkened a few shades.
"I know," he said, looking at me sheepishly. "I can't help it sometimes..." He trailed off and looked down, a comfortable silence falling over us. That's when I heard voices outside of the door. Kellin's head snapped up, and he looked at me, frowning
Bruised and Scarred: Eleven [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Eleven [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I groaned. Did Justin really just say that? I looked at Kellin, who was curled up on the bed, his face hidden against his knees. He was mumbling something that I couldn't catch, pulling at his hair. I made out Justin's name, and chalked it up to him being mad at what he'd said. I walked over and sat next to him, placing my free hand on his shoulder. He jumped, and looked up at me, his face the colour of a tomato. He blinked a few times, his eyes searching my face. He looked almost... scared. I frowned, not moving my hand from his back. "Are you alright?" He nodded.
"Justin knows how to push my buttons, and he does every chance he gets," he mumbled, looking away. I nodded, not really taking in what he said. My mind was still on why he'd looked so scared when I'd touched him. I tried to shrug it off, and went back to looking at his notebook. I flipped to the front, and scanned each page until something cau
Bruised and Scarred: Thirteen [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Thirteen [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
Anything, just to be close to him. I had no idea how to do this - I wasn't really one to dance. But I stood behind Kellin, wrapping my arms around his waist. I laid one hand flat against his stomach, and the other fell into place against his hip. My heart beat frantically in my chest - words couldn't express how nervous this made me. Part of me wanted to dance with him, but the other part wanted to just gather him in my arms and run. But I didn't run, I leaned into him, my chest pressing into his back. I swear, he had to have felt my heart pounding in my chest. I was about to continue, when the music was cut, and everyone stopped. I jumped away from Kellin the moment I realized what was going on. He turned around and pouted at me, and this time, it was my turn to duck my head and blush. I rubbed the back of my neck, and was about to say something, when Justin called out over the murmurs of disappointme
Brusied and Scarred: Fifteen [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Fifteen [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I sat down, pulling Kellin into my lap. I let him cry softly against my chest, as I rubbed his back gently. There was something about that story that didn't seem right to me. There was something that he had left out, something he hadn't wanted me to know about Derek. I could tell by the look in his beautiful green eyes. I didn't open my mouth to say anything, though, because I could tell the subject was still extremely sore for him - if it wasn't, he wouldn't be crying right now. I didn't want to make matters worse.
I don't know how long we sat there, him in my lap, gripping my shirt and crying against it, but at one point, Jack stuck his head into the room. "Alex," he whispered. I looked up at him. "Dude, I'm sorry, but we have to go now. You're still coming home with us, right?" I glanced down at Kellin - who, surprisingly, had fallen asleep in my lap. I looked back up at Jack and nodded.
"Give me a f
Bruised and Scarred: SeventeenBruised and Scarred: Part Seventeen [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I stared at him, but he kept his eyes trained on the floor. I nodded, more to myself than anything. I could tell he wanted to say more. He kept opening his mouth, like he was going to speak again, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he closed it again. We sat in silence for a few minutes, before Justin walked back in. He looked from Kellin to me, and I gave him a look as if to say help me. I wanted Kellin to tell me what happened - but I felt like he wouldn't give me the whole story of everything that went on. Justin walked over to us, and crouched down in front of Kellin. He looked at him, and when Kellin tried to look away, he put his hand on his shoulder. "Kell, I know it hurts to talk about it, but you have to tell him everything, okay? You can't hide it forever," he said, his voice barely audible. Kellin looked back at him and nodded. Justin forced a smile and stood up, leaving the room so
Bruised and Scarred: Nineteen [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Nineteen [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
Justin was sitting on the couch in the living room, fooling with his phone. When he heard us come down to leave, he looked up. "We're going out, I'll probably be back later. If not, I'll be over tomorrow," Kellin voiced to him. He looked from Kellin to me, his face blank of all expression. Something flashed behind his eyes when he looked at us, but it was so brief, I wasn't even sure if it was really there. He sighed, and turned back to his phone.
"Come back here tonight, okay? I need to speak with you about... band shit," he mumbled, before getting up and walking into the kitchen. I felt a bit taken aback by his behaviour, and when I looked at Kellin to gauge his reaction, he was staring at Justin's back, his mouth open slightly. What was wrong with Justin? I'd never seen him look so... emotionless. Kellin hmm'd before stepping in front of me and pulling me out of the house, so we could start w
Bruised and Scarred: 21 [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Twenty-One [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I couldn't believe I'd just done that. I reached up and pressed my fingers to my lips, trying to tell myself that I did not just kiss my best friend and leave him standing in Alex's house. I sighed, dropping my arm back to my side, my heart still pounding wildly in my chest as I walked toward my house. I felt like I was going to throw up, or cry. Maybe both. I could already feel the tears stinging the backs of my eye lids, and everything started to blur. I reached up, sniffing, and wiped harshly at my eyes. I still couldn't believe I'd just done that. It's just... Kellin didn't understand how much seeing him love someone else hurt inside. It's always been that way, and I guess this time, it was too much for me to take. I saw the way they'd looked at each other earlier. It was enough to break my heart.
I sighed, the tears that had threatened to spill now running down my che
Bruised and Scarred: 23 [Alex/Kellin Collab]Bruised and Scarred: Part Twenty-Three [Alex Gaskarth/Kellin Quinn Collab]
I woke up to Kellin, practically screaming in his sleep. I sat up quickly, and started shaking him. "Kellin," I said, trying to wake him up. He groaned, and tossed around. "Kellin, wake up," I shook him harder, but nothing helped. Why was he screaming so much? I didn't understand. After shaking him for a bit, I ended up slapping his cheek lightly, yet hard enough to wake him up and get him to stop screaming. As soon as his eyes were open, he shot up, looking around wildly, tears in his eyes.
"Justin!" He gasped. "Justin... oh my God... oh my God, he's dead, he's fucking dead!" He pressed his hands to his face, and started rocking back and forth, gasping and crying. I stared at him, shocked, then wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close.
"Calm down, alright?" I said, looking at him. "You were just having a nightmare. Justin is absolutely fine. Neither of our phones rang, we

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